AL MANDOLINO(アル マンドリーノ)

伝統の味アル マンドリーノ「きまぐれ」サラダ
“Capricciosa Salad” Al Mandolino’s signature dish


Sharing Special Moments in our Long-Established Restaurant for over 40years.
We serve dishes made from the fresh local ingredients, adding a modern taste to our traditional recipe. More than thirty kinds of wines are carefully selected and imported from Italy, as well as non-alcoholic wine. We take pride in our history, which began in 1978 as the first authentic Italian restaurant in Hiroshima. Since then, we have been serving more than three generations of regular customers. We offer dining in both open space or private rooms.

骨付き仔羊肉のコトレッタ Cotoletta of lamb on the bone
オマール海老の香草焼き Herb-grilled lobster
カルボナーラ Carbonara
前菜盛り合わせ Assorted appetizers

店舗情報 Shop Infomation

shopAL MANDOLINO(アル マンドリーノ)
address広島市中区大手町 2-8-4 B1F
B1F 2-8-4 Otemachi,Naka-ku
Hiroshima City
open11:30 ~ 15:00、17:30 ~ 22:00
close日曜日 / Sun

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